Carpinvest group


Carpinvest Group is among the most complete projects followed to date. A re-branding path was made where the design was completely revisited, making a restyling projected into the future but with deep links with the past.


Brand identity

The brand identity exploits the image of the crowd of people that is repeated several times in the creation of the collateral material. The group of people makes the idea of the research work that the investigator does well.

grafica biglietti da visita


Carpinvest Group works with the most prestigious brands in terms of sports and fashion. Together with the company’s marketing department, we have created reports and presentations for the likes of Inter, Milan and Juventus.


PDF Presentations

Carpinvest knows how much their customers are attentive to detail for this has entrusted us with the graphics all company presentations that are sent to buyers.

presentazioni tablet

Web site

The website developed by the Basiliko team boasts personalized graphics and attention to every single detail. Optimized to be responsive, the site also behaves very well on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones with particular attention to the site’s SEO.

realizzazione website
Social media Modena

Social media management

An informal but professional communication was created for Carpinvest.

Our activities include drafting an editorial plan, managing post graphics, creating Facebook campaigns and analyzing results.

Advertising material

Various strategically placed materials and gadgets have been made.

The Carpinvest-mobile was designed following the current communication of the company. Wrapping was followed by a local company.

creazione totem e rollup